{Lead-Free Wheels}

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How to Participate in the Program

Retail Stores

The Lead-Free Wheels Program is partnering with retail tire outlets to make lead-free wheel balancing available to consumers when they purchase new tires. Tire retailers can get assistance locating locally available lead-free weights by contacting the Lead-Free Wheel Program by e-mail.


The Lead-Free Wheels Program is actively working with numerous state and local fleets to phase out the use of lead wheel balancing weights. Program staff will be glad to arrange site visits to show lead-free, alternative wheel balancing technologies and will provide samples for fleets to use for testing on a pilot basis. The program no longer offers any fincancial assistance. To request more information about participating in the program, e-mail or call (734-761-3186) the Ecology Center.


The Lead-Free Wheels Program will be publishing a list of retailers that offer lead-free wheel balancing on the campaign Web site. If you would like to get notification of when this list is available, e-mail the Ecology Center.

Lead Free Wheels is a project of the Ecology Center, a nonprofit organization.